PropNex Property Management Consultants (PPMC) began as a subsidiary of P&N Holdings in July 2008, to manage a range of value-added services for properties.

Due to advances in building technology, complex architectural designs, new construction methods and a wider variety of technologically advanced building materials, a property manager alone may not possess the full professional capabilities necessary to maintain a building in pristine condition. That is where PPMC comes in.

We have positioned PPMC as a specialist centre, building on our long-term alliances and collaborations with various professionals. As a one-stop solutions hub, we provide comprehensive property and asset management services, building diagnostics, investment advice and marketing, systems and workflow establishment, amongst many others services.

Our strong commitment is our clients’ assurance that the full commercial value of their property investment will be realised.

Some of the more renowned properties in PPMC's portfolio include The Ladyhill@Orchard and 1 Moulmein Rise, the latter of which is internationally acclaimed for its architecture. Both of these properties required skill in branding the property development to be identifiable with good service quality, thus benchmarking prices for its property transaction.

PPMC is headed by the well-qualified Mr Paul Lawrence. Beyond paper qualifications, this Honours graduate in Land Economics has seen him handle projects such as Hillcrest Arcadia, Springbloom, Parkshore and Glendale Park, amongst others.

Paul firmly believes that it his experience, capability, and work ethics that are the most valuable assets to PPMC.